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In Ginny’s work, the surreal quality of some of these bouquets comes from the space left around and within the flowers, the colors used and the transparency of the colors. The interplay between the background and the subject creates a receding and advancing movement that takes away the realism and replaces it with immateriality and presence.  

The flowers are becoming a symbol for life.

¯France-Marie Haeger, 
author Ginny Tompkins A Retrospective


For me, the organization of cells in biological design holds enormous fascination in its interrelationships from plant to plant, animal to animal,  and similarities between the two families. When I examine a flower I see its engineering, geometry and fragility. The color, derived from its moisture- filled tissue, is a beauty that will fade and disappear just as the sunset dims.  The colors exist only with the presence of light.  All living forms are precious because, in time, they will no longer exist. Death defines life. 

Flowers intimate the eternal cycle.

¯Ginny Tompkins













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      Fuchsias 1993 Acrylic on Canvas 36 in. x 48 in.




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